What's in a Name?

Obscure or complicated forenames are not a phenomenon of only the present day. Parents have been causing embarrassment and distress to their children in this way, for many years.

The records held by the Office for National Statistics, covering births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales since 1837, provide many fascinating insights into the way names have been used throughout that time.

Listed below are a selection of references from the ONS's indexes, which perhaps raise a number of questions about the circumstances in which they were given!

New Year BEADLE Marriage Mar, 1862
Bottled BEER Death Sept, 1846
Windsor CASTLE Birth June, 1876
Not Wanted James COLVILL Death June, 1861
Time Of DAY Birth June, 1899
Obi DYER Marriage Dec, 1885
Happy Bull FISHER Marriage June, 1898
ThistIe Never No More GOLDSMITH Birth Dec, 1888
Harpin HAND Marriage Dec, 1906
Bank & Holiday MUNSLOW (Twins) Births Mar, 1881
Blackbird NOBLE Marriage Mar, 1897
Rheumatism RAYMENT Birth June, 1900
Mineral WATERS Birth Sept, 1892
Tonic WATER Death Sept, 1880
Clifton Antivaccinator WEST Birth Sept, 1879
Peter the Great WRIGHT Birth June, 1877