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You can contact me for further information at the following email address:

Alternatively I can be contacted by post at the following address:
Peter J Armstrong
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I would like to acknowledge the help from the following people who have supplied information and/or documents which have contributed greatly to the Godsland One-Name Study:

June Williams of Torquay for help over the last 12 years particularly with the descendants of Thomas Godsland and Temperance Weekes.

Martin Shapley of Nottingham for help with the Godsland's of 51 South Street Exeter.

Steve Date of Barnstaple for help in connecting John Godsland (Blacksmith/Whitesmith) to his earlier ancestors and taking this line back to 1668.

Alan Simkins for help in sorting out what happened to Rhoda Godsland when she moved to London.

Julie Wheeler of NSW Australia for help with the John Godsland who became John Henry William Orlando Goodland and was the head of an amazingly eccentric branch of the tree!

Barbara Lupton whose detailed account of Templeton and the adjoining villages helped with a lot of background information on William and Maria Gosland.

Barry Hugo of Carmarthenshire for help with the descendants of Betty Evelyn Godsland.

Amy Godsland of Newfoundland for help in sorting out errors with my research into the Canadian branch of the Godsland family.

Colleen Tapscott whose Tapscott One-Name Study provided a link when it was found that Frances Godsland married her grandmother's brother William Tapscott in 1829. Frances was 30 and William was 80!!

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